We, citizens of the United States of America, of the Jewish faith, who served in the Wars of the United States of America, in order that we may be of greater service to our country and to one another, associate ourselves together for the following purposes:

  • To maintain true allegiance to the United States of America;
  • To foster and perpetuate true Americanism;
  • To combat whatever tends to impair the efficiency and permanency of our free institutions;
  • To uphold the fair name of the Jew and fight his or her battles wherever unjustly assailed; to encourage the doctrine of universal liberty, equal rights, and full justice to all men and women;
  • To combat the powers of bigotry and darkness wherever originating and whatever their target;
  • To preserve the spirit of comradeship by mutual helpfulness to comrades and their families;
  • To cooperate with and support existing educational institutions and establish educational institutions, and to foster the education of ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen, and our members in the ideals and principles of Americanism;
  • To instill love of country and flag, and to promote sound minds and bodies in our members and our youth;
  • To preserve the memories and records of patriotic service performed by the men and women of our faith;
  • To honor their memory and shield from neglect the graves of our heroic dead.